R1 De Bortoli Wines Maiden Handicap01:20 PM
R2 Rapid Clean New England Maiden01:55 PM
R3 Mcdonalds Armidale Maiden Plate02:35 PM
R4 Thank U Jockeys/strappers-bm6603:15 PM
R5 Tooheys New Handicap (c1)03:50 PM
R6 Thank You Owners Handicap04:25 PM
R7 Thank You Trainers Handicap05:05 PM
R8 Sun 3/3/19 Armidale Cup (bm58)05:40 PM


R1 Ascend Sales Trophies Handicap (c1)04:52 PM
R2 Off The Track (rs0mw)05:27 PM
R3 Tabtouch-better Your Bet Maiden06:04 PM
R4 Hahn Superdry Handicap (c1)06:40 PM
R5 Fifth Leg Handicap (c3)07:10 PM
R6 Western Racepix (rs0ly)07:40 PM
R7 Minearc Systems Handicap (c3)08:15 PM


R1 Bet365 Bairnsdale Maiden Plate12:00 PM
R2 Kids Day Out December 28 Maiden12:30 PM
R3 Buchan Races@canni Creek Maiden01:00 PM
R4 Albert&co. Lakes Entrance-bm6401:30 PM
R5 Tambo Waste Maiden Plate02:00 PM
R6 Monacellars (bm64)02:30 PM
R7 The Riversleigh (bm58)03:00 PM
R8 Merry Christmas To All (bm58)03:30 PM


R1 Enhanced Odds Maiden04:00 PM
R2 Maiden Plate04:30 PM
R3 Info Hub Handicap (c1)05:00 PM
R4 Live Streaming-bm6405:30 PM
R5 Multiverse (bm70)06:00 PM
R6 MRC (bm64)06:30 PM
R7 Back Yourself-bm7007:00 PM
R8 Odds Boost (bm64)07:30 PM


R1 Compact Training Maiden Handicap01:55 PM
R2 Direct Distribution Maiden Handicap02:35 PM
R3 Nat Mccall Racing Handicap (c2)03:07 PM
R4 Purple Cow Real Estate Handicap-c303:45 PM
R5 Shape Consulting Maiden Handicap04:25 PM
R6 Skilled Up Handicap (c3)05:05 PM
R7 Besst Recruitment Handicap (c2)05:45 PM
R8 Icaniwill Handicap (c5)06:20 PM


R1 Purchase Your Cup Tickets Maiden06:50 PM
R2 Fashions For Fillies 24/2 Maiden07:20 PM
R3 Trevallyn Cricket Club (bm64)07:50 PM
R4 Gypsy Rose Launceston Cup (c1)08:30 PM
R5 Jansz 3yo Trophy09:00 PM
R6 Ultimate S.c. Challenge (bm58)09:30 PM
R7 Longford Cup N.year's Day-bm7610:05 PM


R1 Stihl Shop Matamata Maiden12:32 PM
R2 Matamata Vet Services Maiden01:07 PM
R3 Carrfields Livestock Maiden01:42 PM
R4 Happy 5th B'day J Brosn Maiden02:22 PM
R5 Comag Maiden02:57 PM
R6 Nzb Ins. Pearl Series (bm65)03:35 PM
R7 Bell & Graham Barristers-bm7204:06 PM
R8 Noble & Lee (bm72)04:39 PM
R9 Matamata Tyres Sevices Maiden05:12 PM


R1 Highview Accounting Maiden Plate01:30 PM
R2 The Big Screen Co. Maiden Plate02:00 PM
R3 Steller Maiden Plate02:30 PM
R4 Gary Peer Team Of Champs-bm6403:00 PM
R5 Mornington Car/tyre Serv. Maiden03:30 PM
R6 Rmbl Investments Handicap (c1)04:00 PM
R7 Mornington Auto Group (bm58)04:30 PM
R8 European Auto Refinishers-bm5805:00 PM


R1 Programmed Property Serv. Maiden02:15 PM
R2 Kitchens & Cabinets Country-c202:50 PM
R3 Orange Vet Hospital Maiden Plate03:25 PM
R4 Broadley & Haydon Handicap (c3)04:00 PM
R5 Train 365 Handicap (c1)04:40 PM
R6 Allandale Stud Cup05:20 PM
R7 Nagle Transport (bm58)05:55 PM


R1 Patlaw Securities Handicap03:35 PM
R2 Great Keppel Island Maiden Plate04:10 PM
R3 Nab Business Handicap04:45 PM
R4 Wendy Mulry Travel Handicap (60)05:20 PM
R5 X X X X Gold (bm75)05:55 PM
R6 Rocky Racing - Sat. 29 Dec Handicap06:30 PM
R7 Merry Xmas From Everyone (c2)07:05 PM


R1 Led Media Solutions Maiden11:42 AM
R2 Hirepool Maiden12:17 PM
R3 Northland Waste Maiden12:52 PM
R4 Majestic Horse Floats (bm65)01:27 PM
R5 Coresteel Maiden02:07 PM
R6 Interislander Festival 5/1 Maiden02:43 PM
R7 Seasons Greetings (bm65)03:22 PM


R1 Christmas Cheer Maiden Plate03:40 PM
R2 Bleasdale Wines (bm60)04:10 PM
R3 Northpoint Fleurieu (bm56)04:40 PM
R4 Aaron Martin Carpentry Maiden05:10 PM
R5 Toffish Handicap (c2)05:40 PM
R6 Strathalbyn Small Engines-bm6406:14 PM
R7 The Hive (bm54)06:44 PM


R2 Stacks Finance Maiden Plate02:30 PM
R3 Taree Leagues & Sports Clb Maiden03:05 PM
R4 Mid Coast Automotive Handicap (c1)03:40 PM
R5 De Bortoli Wines (bm58)04:20 PM
R6 Xxxx Gold Handicap05:00 PM
R7 Saxbys Drink Since 1864 Handicap-c205:40 PM


R1 Mainstream Taxation Maiden Handicap01:35 PM
R2 Wyong Equine Clinic Handicap (c2)02:15 PM
R3 Wyong Coal Handicap (c1)02:50 PM
R4 Turfcare Australia Maiden Plate03:25 PM
R5 Guardian Partners (bm64)04:05 PM
R6 Floratine @ Turfcare (bm70)04:45 PM
R7 Twin Lakes Air @ Solar (bm64)05:20 PM